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Grade 9 - Teacher copies - E-books

A-Z Guide to Basic Accounting Skills
A-Z Guide to Basic Accounting Skills

This A-Z Accounting guide is specifically written for Grade 9 learners and beginners. It is a continuation of the Grade 8 e-book Learning your Accounting basics.

The resource is written in simple English, is user-friendly and the concepts link together to enable the reader to move successfully onto the next section.

The Grade 8 e-book is based on a story of a girl who started a Sweets Business and the underlying Accounting concepts and skills necessary to succeed in this. Grade 9 is a continuation of Grade 8, and is linking the concepts learnt from Grade 8 to Grade 9 in story format, through the transactions. The e-book can be used by all Educators who are teaching Accounting or EMS, and sections or topics can be covered to suit the specific lesson plans or needs in the classroom.

Downloadable in both epub and mobi (for Kindle) format on 5 devices or computer (laptop).

Download an epub reader on your mobile devices, eg ibooks or ebook reader.

For Windows use this link to download a reader:

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ISBN: 9780994696830

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