Aidan Lotz, UJ Graduate - CA Route, doing CTA in 2


Aidan matriculated at King Edward V11 in 2008 and achieved 4 distinctions. He achieved extraordinary successes academically as well as on the sports field and has also been elected as Head of Day boys.

Amongst the successes he captained several provincial tournaments in hocky and achieved 2 silver and 2 gold medals. He also represented South Africa in U16, U18 and U21 level. He loves his hockey and seemed to strike a healthy balance between his sport and B Com Accounting CA.
He completed his 1st year at KwaZulu Natal University on the Westville Campus in Durban.
After receiving a Dean's Commendation and an Invitation from Golden Key International Honour Society, he decided that Jhb was a better call for him from a studing perspective, and he came back to complete his degree at UJ.

His 1st word of advice to young people out there - NEVER CHANGE UNIVERSITIES!
He ended up with UJ hockey as well as 9 modules in a semester!

As Aidan explains it, you will soon realise that Accounting is the toughest subject you will come across at University. It has by far the largest volume of work and it is crucial to be apply to apply what you have learnt.

This application was the biggest change from 1st year and continues into 3rd year.

For me the answer was Annelize. I tried a few extra lessons with various people before being lucky enough to find Annelize. To me she is worlds apart from any other tutors I have come across.

Although she doesn't know the standards off the back of her hand, which is pointless as they are forever changing, she has an unbelievable ability to read something, understand it and then apply it. Better still, she has a remarkable skill of teaching you to do the same.

She has her methods and you have yours, but she always finds a way to bring the two together, which is indispensable.

1. Simplified summarised notes of
the IFRS's to
2. One on one discussions to bounce off
ideas to
3. Endless examples you've never dreamed
of and best of all
4. Someone that cares as much as your
5. Annelize has it all!

So stop battling and wasting endless hours by yourself because its "not cool".

Annelize will show you how to pass, how to do well and best of all, make your life so much easier!

Rabia Mohamed Acc 200 student at UJ

Name: Rabia Mohamed Acc 200 student at UJ

Details:Hi Annelize

When I first started with you I was failing accounting 200 and getting even a 50% seemed unattainable, making it into accounting 300 seemed impossible. Today, my results for the first test after going to you was 83%!!! WOW!! I'm still so thrilled!

I've learned study techniques and learning methods that have indeed paved the way to me becoming a more diligent student.

Annelize you have taught me how to tackle exam questions effectively and the fact that you have always been a phone call away for assistance was always reassuring.

You are extremely dedicated and hard working and I'm a prime example of how your hard work pays off. You have always been willing to go the extra mile and will do everything you possibly can to assist your students and for this I am eternally grateful.

Annelize, thank you very much for helping me achieve what I have!

Michelle Papavarnavas

Grade 11 pupil at Crawford College in Lonehill, 2009.

During 2008 when I was in Grade 10 I started having difficulty with Accounting, not understanding the concepts nor interpreting the questions properly. I went to Annelize and with her loving, friendly and compassionate manner she made me feel comfortable and welcome. I overcame my fears and started to enjoy Accounting.
I can highly recommended Annelize if you are struggling with Accounting or simply just want to improve your marks.

Daniel Rumbak

BCom graduate, WITS

"Before I started extra lessons with Annelize I was drowning in a sea of accounting and financial concepts. I felt frustrated that I was working harder and harder and my results improved only negligibly. My hard work granted me a thorough understanding of the material but I still couldn't translate this understanding into results in the exam hall. After a few lessons from Annelize I learned how to study in a more effective manner and also refined my exam technique which helped convert my understanding into better marks. I improved my work-to-performance ratio by putting in less work and realizing measuredly improved results. My familiarity with the concepts and exam questions increased and so did my confidence. If there's one thing you need to succeed its decisiveness and confidence in the exam hall. These are but a few tools Annelize provided me with, that got me through first year financial accounting."

Gadi Chait

Springbok cyclist and UJ student

I have had extra lessons with Annelize for the past 3 years, and truth be told without her and her wonderful faith in all of us I would never have passed; and not only did I pass, I often excelled in my tests - and that was only because of Annelize. I could never have done it on my own, and when I go through and do my honors, I know that I will once again be back with Annelize. She is my Hero.
I was often training for big events in cycling and hardly had time to go to lectures, but with help of Annelize teaching me, I went from strength to strength. Thank you Annelize, you saved my life.

Emil Nagy

Matric pupil, 2007, St Davids Marist College,

Liewe Annelize

My gesin en veral Emil wil jou graag bedank vir jou uitstekende hulpklasse gedurende sy matriek jaar. Jou ondersteuning op emosionele en akademiese vlak het daartoe bygedra dat sy punte met 20% verbeter het gedurende sy finale eksamen.
Ek beveel jou graag aan vir alle leerders,
maak nie saak hoe hulle presteer nie, want jy gaan hulle nog beter laat presteer as gevolg van jou persoonlike aanmoediging en motivering. Jou leerders is nie net nog liggame in jou klas nie; jy behandel elkeen soos ‘n mens en jy voldoen en vervul elkeen se eie unieke verwagting.
Nogmaals baie dankie en sterkte vir die toekoms.

Wiskunde onderwyseres, St Davids Marist brothers, Inanda

Jean-Pierre le Roux

Jean-Pierre le Roux, matriculated with 7 distinctions at St John’s College in 2008

I am taking a gap year in 2009, and are engaged in many activities, just to name a few, travelling to London and Europe with jobs at an auditing firm and University press, playing rugby for a club there, doing aviation courses, game ranging, guitar, wine tasting and Accounting. Amongst many skills I have acquired, I can also now balance some books, with no previous exposure of Accounting at all.
“Thank you very much Annelize for a very enjoyable and knowledgeable 5 weeks with you, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And JP’s advice to anyone who is considering a gap year after matric:
“Such a year is of great privilege and must be lived to the full”.

Brendan Holdsworth

"I Brendan Holdsworth CA (SA) studied through UNISA. I approached Annelize for accounting lessons in my 1st and 2nd years of studying. Annelize's accounting lessons were an integral part in providing me with the support and ability to understand accounting and create a solid foundation for my future. It was a choice I will never regret."

Tinus van Niekerk

2de jaar student , BCom (Rek)

My onsuksesvolle poging om Rek 1 te slaag in 2007 het my mismoedig en ongemotiveerd laat voel om met die vak voort te gaan. In 2008 het ek rek klasse by Annelize geneem, sukses behaal, en ek ‘stoomroller’ nog steeds voort. Ek kan met eerlikheid beken dat my selfvertroue met 200% verbeter het. As jy met Rekeningkunde worstel, is Annelize die oplossing waarna jy so lank gesoek het. Bonuspunte word ook toegeken vir haar tee en gemmerkoekies……..AI Education is *****gehalte!

Paul Fingleson

B Com graduate, UJ

Hi Aunty A,

I was at work today talking to one of my colleagues (Simon King – ex student from UCT) and for some reason we got on the topic of talking about accounts and I was telling him about this awesome extra accounts teacher I had at ‘uni’ and how she got me through accounts and he started telling me the same story how his superb teacher got him through accounts and after a few minutes we realized that we had the same teacher .. YOU!!!

He actually landed up working in the financial department at our work for 4 months. We are now working together in the same department.

Anyway, hope all is well with you.

Keep it ridiculous!!!!

All the best,

Paul Fingleson


An SMS from Melissa, a UJ student who did Accounting A & B with AI Education in 2008.

Melissa is studying Human Resources Management and is therefore not very ‘Accounts orientated’:

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You won’t believe how I feel, Annelize! I passed Accounting! Can you believe it?? Never will I be able to thank you enough! I really don’t know what I would have done all this time without you and the guidance and help you have given me…

No image

Patrick Nesbitt

Comment from Patrick Nesbitt, UCT, Cape Town

A relieved sigh and SMS from a student who spent most of his December 2008 holiday at
AI Education, trying to get back into the CA route for Accounts 3. An SMS came through
shortly after he received his results….”60% on the dot! Can you believe it?” Yes I can,
Patrick, we both worked hard for this result!

Lyndell Janse van Rensburg

I started extra lessons with Annelize in Grade 10 after struggling to understand key principles in class. I was not achieving the marks that I wanted and with Annelize’s help I managed to obtain an A average in the same year. Annelize is a big believer that you can’t achieve success in Accounting without practising, practising, practising! This belief in hard work further helped me achieve an A average for Grade 11 and finally for Matric. I have just completed a B.Com (Law) at the University of Johannesburg and obtained a distinction in both Accounting 2 and Accounting 3. I could not have done this without Annelize’s help. She has a wealth of knowledge and resources going back many years. I can truly say she cares about her students and will go out of her way to help. Annelize and I have walked a long road and I am very grateful to her for all her help over the last 6 years.

Ofhani Negota

Former pupil from St Stithians, now studying at UJ, doing Accounting 200.

After a year of hardship, struggle and wondering if it was ever going to happen for him, Ofhani surprised us all with an amazing 86% in his final exam, doing Accounting 1B at UJ in 2008. He was overjoyed and his dream of continuing with the CA route has come true. And this is what he says “We here at AI Education “are pushing big things”. He also recommended his good friend Chad, and together the two of them are making it happen with Accounting 200 this year. And this is what they say: “Annelize, you’re a legend…..”

Tshepiso- Grade 12 student Fourways High 2016

Student response:

Hello Ms Annelize, I just wanted to thank you for helping me with Accounting.I appreciate all the hard work you put into this to get me where I am today. Thanks again!

Matric student's mom from Fourways High 2016

What impressed me about you was that you only had him for two months. You moved him from 56 (june) to 74 (september), and now to more than 80. You are extremely good, keep up the good work.

Learn your Accounting basics

Shobi Maake

August 9, 2017


Karyn Bird

July 24, 2017

It really is step-by-step. The book makes sure you understand the basic concepts so that you can build a solid foundation and move successfully onto the next section.

Paul Sondergaard

July 24, 2017

A good introduction. It simplifies the basics in a good step by step manner.

Abhishek Kumar

July 25, 2017

I am not at all familiar with Accounting concepts still was able to understand all. Very well explained and really nice approach to make subject more interesting and enforces you to learn more.....Must go for it....:-)

Shawn Naidu

July 27, 2017

Well done Annelize. Definitely recommended. You simplify the concepts and make it easy for anyone to understand.

Alison Deary

July 27, 2017

Annelize has written this step by step guide to learning accounting in a way that is easy to understand. Her use of visuals also helps tremendously with this. I can see that she has a passion for teaching this subject to others. Even thought this was written for school level, I think that new entrep...

Jan Robberts

July 27, 2017

As I am not involved in any way at all in accounting, it probably gives me a better opportunity to give that 'junior' review; This is a wonderful book with basic steps to start to get a grip of this more complex subject. I firmly believe all students should get a much more holistic education when it...

A Google user

August 1, 2017

Written in simple to understand language and the explanations reach home for the reader.

Jabulani Ngcobo

August 2, 2017

The book provides an answer to what students in beginning accounting have been looking for.

Hastings Mpofu

August 2, 2017

I think this is needed in our education system as accounting at junior high school is taught as part of EMS and this will go a long way in unravelling the principles of accounting and to me your book would create a base or foundation for key concepts in the subject.

Xolisa luthi

August 3, 2017

Accounting is one of the feared subjects in this country, having authors like you, it means there is hope for our students

A Google user

August 6, 2017

The book is very practical and easy to follow.

Patrick de Stadler

August 8, 2017

The book is easy to understand and is needed in our schools and libraries. The language is simple and is easy to follow. Colour coding makes it easy for students and the lay person to remember debits and credits. Definitely worth purchasing a copy.

Githa Panday

August 8, 2017

The book will definately benefit the learners. It is a pity that we didn't have this step by step guide..every educator should have a copy.

Robert Ramadi

August 9, 2017

The book is easy to follow and it is quite practical. Beginner teachers can benefit a lot. Learners can do the assignments on their own. GOOD book!

Mlungisi Matana

August 14, 2018

Colorful with interesting activities

Khathutshelo Mamugudubi

August 9, 2017

It is a good book because its approach helps those who are not versatile with accounting to have a clear understanding. I also liked it for the mere fact that it is an e-book.

Pam Moodley

August 9, 2017

It links basic accounting concepts to ones understanding of its application. Good for students who are studying post grad courses with no accounting background.

Nomalady Ntsaluba

August 9, 2017

This book is a useful step by step guide that will help beginner accounting students to understand the basics of the subject

Nolan Damon

August 9, 2017

A great step by step guide which will really be an excellent resource to all.

Izzy Dannii

August 11, 2017

This e-book provides clear and comprehensive, as well as practical guidelines and is definitely a contribution to its field. It is well-written, easy to understand and the illustrations are helpful. I would recommend it to educators in the classroom environment and anyone who wants to familiarize th...

Ronelle Bezuidenhout

August 13, 2017

I am not into accounting.....but this really make sense. And is something we all need. Well done Annelize.

Rosy de Ponte

August 14, 2017

Very helpful, resourceful and user-friendly

Sandile Khanyezi

August 30, 2017

The book is very practical and easy to read and follow, i loved it.

Edgar Katshaza

September 4, 2017

The book fits the target readership in user-friendliness. It is practical in approach and is indeed a step by step entry into the field of Accounting. The language and terms used are within easy comprehension of the intended users.

Satheesh Kumar

February 11, 2018

It is a good book for beginners who learn Accounting.The basics are explained clearly. I recommend this book for School library.

Obiora Omulu

February 12, 2018

The book focuses on the missing figure and link in accounting, which is the basics that will take you far to any't a great work and idea taught of. Thanks for bridging the gap in this business world of ours.

A Google user

February 14, 2018

A simple and straight forward book whose use is as easy as 123. A very good well balanced and precise yet easy to understand Accounting foundation book that can only be the product vast experience in teaching the learning area. A must have resource for every EMS and/or Accounting teacher. I recommend this book to every forward looking school.

Gainmore Gutsa

February 19, 2018

Would definitely recommend this book as it provides good foundational knowledge in accounting. It has simple to follow steps especially for those new to accounting.

A-Z Guide to Basic Accounting Skills

Phologo Wilfred Sema

March 9, 2018

Following the time I took to read the book, I can only say this is a culmination of true accounting efficacy. Being in business, this book has indeed opened up my eyes to the ways of reporting of my organization's financial information, including the preparation of financial statements to external users of such information, such as investors, regulators and suppliers. I had done a lot of theory but the book certainly has made application easy, and I love the transition from what I knew to what I know now. With accounting having several subfields or subject areas, including financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, taxation and accounting information systems, understanding all of these can be a nightmare, but the book has incredibly and variously sumplied things. Thank you Anne

Shobi Maake

February 24, 2018

A very.good book to be purchased

Evan Swensen

February 21, 2018

A-Z Guide Basic Accounting Skills will assist students to understand business accounting and give them the basic knowledge they will need to develop a business plan. Many businesses fail because they lack this basic knowledge.

satheesh kumar

February 18, 2018

Contents are explained in appropriate manner.Good book for students who want to learn skills in Accounting.

Izzy Dannii

February 15, 2018

A supplement to her previous book, Learn Your Accounting Basics, with clear and concise explanations of accounting principles and practice including cash journals, credit journals, general ledger, petty cash, mark-ups and gross profit percentages, and balance sheets. Not only is this book perfect for teachers and students, it is an excellent book to look into if you are a complete accounting novice. Well done, Annelize!

Obiora Omulu

February 12, 2018

This book is awesome considering the the fact that it will go a long way in bridging and nurturing not just our learners but with reader with entrepreneurial kind of mind set which is needed to move our young stars along with the pace the developed economics are moving...Love It!

Petro Olivier

February 12, 2018

The color coding in the book is very helpful to provide learners with the understanding of the basic concepts of accounting. Learners will remember something more readily if they can see it. The illustrations in the book will help achieve this.

robert ramadi

February 7, 2018

This text-book is a top-up on grade 8 one; the exterior is an attraction and the size is handy to carry around; the language is suitable for grade 9; the book can be used by both the teacher and the learner; illustrations, graphs or tables aid the user very friendly; the pricing is reasonable and affordable; the content is not prejudiced; the style is in par with grade 9 ages; the subject-matter is up to date and agrees with daily developing markets; printing and get-up are interesting and attractive; the book can be utilized by rural schools quite beneficially; and It is very helpful to beginner teachers and seasoned educators as well.

No image

June Cox

I met Annelize in 1998 when I started referring students to her for Accounting tuition. She achieved impressive results with those students over the years.

In 2014 and 2015 she tutored my daughter in Accounting. My daughter had been struggling with Accounting concepts. Annelize’s determination and expertise resulted in my daughter achieving a distinction at the end of 2016. My daughter was delighted to be part of the nurturing environment of her home.

Post-2015, I have continued to refer students to Annelize. The feedback has been extremely positive.

12 December 2018

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